CEO, Gray Matters

Sowmya Velayudham

Sowmya is the CEO of Gray Matters India, a top edcuational assessment and analytics organization in India. Gray Matters conducts over a million assessments every year, across 15 Indian states covering 10,000+ public and private schools and multiple languages while focusing on using that data, to provide feedback that enables student-centric improvement of education systems. On that front, Sowmya has worked with several large scale experiments in outcomes based funding in education and has been part of impact assessments of 50+ organisations in India. Having been a part of the Gray Matters journey for 6 years, Sowmya is passionate about measuring learning scientifically and believes that diagnosing learning gaps is the first step towards better education. She has significant expertise in study design for evaluating student learning outcomes on the learning continuum using statistical models.

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