Mentor, SMART

Rahul (Pat) Patwardhan

Rahul (Pat) has a distinguished career with professional contributions in two future-oriented sectors of the economy, viz. education & training services and information technology services. He currently mentors many deep tech startups, professional bodies, social organisations in Singapore/India on improving their operational excellence. He is the former CEO of NIIT Ltd, which is India's Largest Education & Training Services firm. Pat was responsible for restructuring the organization, re-energized operations & renewed the business model, to turn around growth & profitability. Under his leadership, the company's Share Price grew by 125% in 2.5 years. At Logica, as the Managing Director, Global Application Management he led the development, growth, profitability and globalisation of the AM business of Logica from initial consolidation in 2005, to revenues of ~1.5 billion US$ (25% of Logica's revenue of 6 billion) making it the market leader in Europe. Along with managing global functions to improve operational excellence in the US and Europe, he also developed and managed business with footprints across China, India, Rest of Asia, Africa & Australia. In education & training services he drove a number of strategic & innovative initiatives, contributing to Indian, Chinese & other governments' social objective of skill-building initiatives. Domains that interest him the most are future technology, skill transformation roadmaps, education & employment, social work, and public policy.

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