EdTech Researcher and Consultant, Eduvation

Jessica White

Jessica is an EdTech Researcher and Consultant at Eduvation in Germany. Formerly she was a Research Mentor at UCL for Educate, the 4.5 million EU backed initiative with Nesta, Besa and F6S, that supported EdTech Startups in efficacy led improved services and products by combining research expertise with innovation. In addition to her wealth of experience as an EdTech Consultant, in this capacity she identified renewed strategies and improved AI and adaptive learning products & services at McGraw Hill Education. She spear-headed beta testing, education strategies and media exposure with EdTech startups in Germany as well as founding Thinc, a social enterprise in Austria, managing several EU projects reforming education with technology and creativity. With her social enterprise she collaborated with Google Arts and Cultural Institute empowering women in India through Arts, Education and Technology. In Germany she founded Te(a)chology, a series of events that are facilitating discussions on Education, Technology and society. She speaks publicly on how EdTech, creativity and AI impacts learning environments and society, in particular how to be more inclusive of minorities in Digital Education.

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